Your dream job.

WANTED: Salesperson and account manager for international sales – software & technology

…and yes, we put up this website just to find you. Not kiddin’

You are important to us. We know you exist somewhere.

About us

We have 4 business at the moment – you will work for them

Advantages: you will not get bored. And you can learn multiple industries.

Challenges: yes, you will have to split your work & attention.

Our values

  • Serious fun – we do everything for fun, seriously
  • Users’ love – we build for our customers’ love
  • Global – we build for global scale

How do we work?

  • Experiment a lot a.k.a. controlled experiments
  • Get marketing, design and developers involved
  • Plenty of ideas for all our businesses
  • We are always short on resources so we prioritize heavily
  • We are really open to new ideas, thoughts, criticism
  • Believe in execution and getting things done vs. over-planning (planning is important, as well, but we love execution)
  • We are brave: we are not afraid of anyone and anything

Who you are: who we need: our door opener who gets the first meeting

Your primary objective will be to open doors and get to the first meeting

  • Sales experience: B2B
  • Experience in selling to
    • international clients anywhere in the world
    • C-level executives, wealthy individuals
  • Able to think and do the research of the person who you are calling
  • Know that a one-size-fits-all approach to sales does not work
  • Willing to pick up the phone and make that call
  • Persistent in follow-ups
  • Write & speak good or excellent English
  • Gives daily feedback re: what to fine-tune on our website(s), collaterals, e-mails

+Dream big and have a tremendous need to grow & learn

Who you are: who we need: what else can you do?

If you grow with us, you can, after a while

  • Manage, train others in our international sales team
  • Manage, train our sales partners

+Do whatever else you want. We are not kidding. We believe in allowing people to grow, change, experience and experiment.

Who you do not need to be

You do not have to be a marketing or PR person – we have ours. So you do not have to write press releases, marketing texts etc.
And you do not have to be a technology expert – you will learn the basics fast, but remember: your objective will be to open doors and get to the first meeting.

It is a dream job. See why.

Location: awesome

You will work in Budapest, which is one of the best cities to live in, in a 130 year old building.
Actually our office is very near to the forests and hills around, but it is still in the heart of the city.
You can come with your bike, tram or you can even walk.

Or: you can work anywhere

But: often you can work from home if you feel like. Or from San Francisco. Anywhere. We care about results and not presence.


Yes, you can go to the best courses if needed. We believe in training you to do your stuff better.

Best tools

Yes, you will get subscriptions to all the best online marketing tools we need. And we know that our people have to use the best technology available. Technology cannot be a bottleneck.

Freedom to work for yourself: yes

Growth is not only about us – it is about you. You need the freedom to grow.


The core members of our team have been together for 10 years on now. We love what we do.
We believe in equality. Understanding. Communication.
See our team here

Apply here

If you are interested, please apply here:

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