HR Employee Self-Service and Team Management Mobile Application

The HR Mobile Application performs similar functions just like the web app. It allows any employee away from the office to do the followings; some features are available for both the employee (“Own”) and others for the Team the employee manages (“Team”) while some others for both.

Solution menu-pointTeam or Own or Both?What does it include?
Leave (including holiday) requestTeam and OwnInitiating and tracking leave and away-requests
Approve or reject holiday requestsTeamApprove or reject holiday requests for the team
Work time: Work calendar & reportingTeam and OwnReporting of time by Time item codes for employees
Approve or reject change requestsTeamApprove or reject time modification requests for the team
DocumentsOwnCentral document store with all documents uploaded and versioning, history and access controls, document meta data. Employee sees his/her own documents
ActivitiesTeam and OwnAll workflows (active and closed) – the workflows can be visible according to visibility rules: employee sees only the ones s/he started
Data changeOwnTo manage employee data change – to manage the process
My profile – own profile dataOwnEdit own profile, view own data and documents


The login process handles the usual login verification steps, plus, if enabled (depends on your set-up), forgotten password handling.

Own and team menu

The own and team menu handles the 2 separate “faces” of the app: from the Own menu one can access all things related to himself / herself, while from the Team menu the team-related functions.

Work-time and time away (leave) overview calendar

Work-time entries, holiday and other leave entries can be reviewed for both Own and Team members in a colorful calendar.

Holiday and leave requests and approval

New holiday-request can be initiated from the My team or My own menu, as well.

Team member holiday request

In this case the manager selects the employee and enters a request on his or her behalf.

Own holiday request entry

Own holiday request can be entered by anyone – who has the sufficient number of holiday days still available.

Entries can be deleted – following pre-set rules.

Team member request approval or rejection

Team members will get their holidays upon approval – unless the time for the given holiday comes, in which case the request will be automatically approved or rejected, depending on settings.

Any item that has been approved or rejected will be removed from the approval list.

Holiday available overview

For both own entries and team an overview of already used and still available days is shown.

Work time entry

For some employees the direct entry, reporting of planned or actual worktime can be required. The software allows this as well.

This is true in this case, too, that any globally set rules for work-time entry will be taken into account and notifications will be sent to the person entering data accordingly.


Any centrally entered documents can be shown to the employee.

E.g. monthly wage reports (pay slips) can be published this way.

Document approval – if needed – e.g. monthly presence sheets

Some types of documents have to be approved – these documents’ approvals are handled separately. Approvals are completely logged.

Activities – full blown workflow and task management, including HR tasks and workflows

The employee or his / her manager can initiate and track and participate in all workflows – including HR workflows (e.g. onboarding, evaluation, data change, contract change, offboarding).

Workflows are accessible on the desktop for all HR experts, employees, as well. So all employees and HR experts, employees will have the same view of all running tasks and workflows.

Built-in chat for workflows

Chat messages – fully logged and fully searchable later – are available for all running workflow and task instances.

My profile

Profile data can be reviewed. Some pieces of profile data can be changed. For some other data items (e.g. name) the change is possible or not – based on settings (e.g. name change can initiate a name-change workflow), as well.