We are looking for a talented online marketer!

You feel the urge to improve your skills in the field of online marketing?
You feel that YOU NEED to grow?

Then you are the one we are looking for

to join our team in the 2nd district of Budapest (10 minutes from Széll Kálmán tér)!

(Spoiler: basically you can work from anywhere. We care about results and not presence.)

the answer for the secret question is hello

online marketer / growth hacker

What you will need to do?

  • First of all: THINK!
  • Cooperate and work with our current online marketer. (We are friends and colleagues here, not bosses and employees.)
  • Figure out new ways to reach the prospects and get new leads for the Sales Department
  • You can do this through various online tools, social media channels, etc.
  • There are no tasks carved in stone here! We are constantly trying new methods, new solutions.
  • You will need to look after and figure out things you don’t know.

What skills and knowledge do we need?

  • Speak and write in English, of course (we are a Hungarian company, but English speaking skill is a must-have: we work internationally)
  • At least 1 year of experience in online marketing field
  • Do at least know what is Growth Hacking!
  • Ability to think in numbers: be able to plan & measure
  • Experience in Social Media Campaigns, and E-mail marketing
  • Have a better-than-average IT skills. We do not want to explain how to unzip a file, or resize and crop a photo in Photoshop, neither want to explain how to use Google
  • It’s good if you at least understand the basics of HTML codes, and CSS. You do not need to write codes, but if you know HTML and CSS then it means your IT skills are better-than-average, so its a big plus.
  • Know a bit about graphic design. You’ll need to find a matching picture for an ad, and make a good design of it.
  • Have a little copywriting skill.
  • Be proactive! We are looking for someone who doesn’t just sit and wait for a command!

+ Dream big and have a tremendous need to grow & learn

With us you CAN try those new ideas and solutions of yours!
Moreover, we EXPECT you to do it!

Plan, measure, and decide!

We are strict about management and numbers, but flexible when it comes to people.

Now a few words about us!

We have 4 businesses at the moment. You will work for them.

  • iAGE Software Solutions – AS/400 (IBM i) legacy software development around the globe
  • 10XOne – tailored, cloud business software like never before
  • SecretCube – the world’s premium privacy box for file storage and internet connectivity
  • Borakadémia – wine and sommelier courses & relating products


You will not get bored, and you can learn multiple industries.


You will have to split your work & attention.

How do we work?

  • Experiment a lot a.k.a. controlled experiments
  • Get marketing, design and developers involved
  • Plenty of ideas for all our businesses
  • We are always short on resources so we prioritize heavily
  • We are really open to new ideas, thoughts, criticism
  • Believe in execution and getting things done vs. over-planning (planning is important, as well, but we love execution)
  • We are brave: we are not afraid of anyone and anything

The person behind the companies

Peter Czernecki, CEO
  • 20 years of startup, business development, turnaround and management experience.
  • MBA with High Honors from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, BsC in Computer Science, BsC in Quality Management, BsC in Finance.
  • Participated in building 300 Million USD shareholder value, often with Private Equity investors (Bank of America Capital Partners, DBG Osteuropa, AIG New Europe Fund) as a top manager.
  • Projects with 10 Million+ USD budget.
  • Participated in the startup of telecommunications, consulting and software firms.
  • His first software startup, started at the age of 19, is still up and running.

And now, if you are interested YOU CAN APPLY HERE

Yes! I am in!

Any data we collect is being managed according to GDPR and local laws

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